Through its smart assay technology and the advice and work of its research network, composed of biologists, virologists and pharmaceutical chemists, INCYTON® is ready to support research projects aimed at defeating the novel Coronavirus, as well as a wide range of applications in the field of cellular research. This is fulfilled through automated cell-based assays, augmented with real-time pO2, pH and impedance detection in combination with microscopic imaging and complete cellular environment control. Additionally, we can provide you with the laboratory equipment and the consumables needed to successfully complete your research project.


Cell characterization
  • Cellular proliferation tests
  • Metabolism profiling

    • Mitochondrial stress test
    • Glycolytic stress test
  • Pathogen target cell characterization
  • Cell strain quality control
  • Cell culture material quality control
Toxicologic investigation
  • REACH classification
  • Place of action investigation
Cellular growth tests
  • Viral investigations
    • Viral infectivity tests
    • Anti-viral potency tests
    • Anti-sera effectivity test
    • Optical plaque assay
  • Growth inhibitor testing
  • Growth factor testing
  • Oncologic research
Drug development
  • Candidate screening
  • Mechanism of action investigation
  • EC50 measuring

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