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Márton Nagy learned Biochemical Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and graduated as a Bachelor of Science in 2016 followed by a Masters program in Bioengineering at the Munich University of Applied Sciences where he received his diploma in 2019.

Márton joined HP Medizintechnik GmbH in 2017 starting as an intern which later advanced to a working student contract. He focused heavily on the upgrade and update of the novel automated cell-based assay platform called IMR at that time. Migrating to INCYTOИ® GmbH in 2018 when it was founded, he continued to lend his skills in developing the CYRIS® product series from a technical as well as a biological aspect.

Since 2019, Márton has been a full time team member of INCYTOИ® GmbH, Planegg, Germany, in the position of Biotechnological Research and Development specialist, working on assay development, consumables production and technical as well as biological solutions for the CYRIS® FLOX product series.

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Basics of cellular impedance analysis

28th Oct 2020 / 3.00 pm 3o min free life science webinar LANGUAGE: ENGLISH

Cell-based assays are an ideal bridge between strict biochemical detection an in vivo testing.
Since many cell-based assays are limited by some features like labeling or offline results, an alternative comes to help with these issuesthe cellular impedance assay. 

Cellular impedance analysis utilizes electronical complex resistance to indicate cellular growth and morphology. The technology relies on electrode structures submerged in a conductive solution (like cell culture media). In our webinar we would like to shed some light on the theoretical basics of cellular impedance as well as elaborate on the applications and benefits of using cellular impedance as an assay.